Louder Than Words: What Modern Feminism Has Actually Achieved

Jun 3, 2015 · 9 min read

Throughout the entirety of our species’ relatively short history on this hostile planet, the death of a man’s heart, both figuratively and literally, was necessary in order to ensure humanity’s survival and thus, the propagation of the genes our bodies carried. For if man was to successfully hunt beasts or fight wars to provide for and protect his family, then he had to do so at the expense of other men, and so couldn’t afford having the kind of win-win mindset and sensitivity to the feelings of others that arises out of a high degree of empathy.

Yet, despite this ongoing conditioning for the necessary brutality and disposability of men that allowed us to adapt to the many dangers of tribal life, miraculously there still remained some love in the heart of man; and with it he strove to lift our species above the savage status quo of mere survival by pursuing great truths that would enable us to thrive into the opulent comforts of the twenty-first century, even if it cost him his life.

Given all of the benefits that we have inherited from man’s ingenuity and courage, from computers to medicine, the West’s current attitudes regarding the value of men, as well as the misinformation regarding male privilege that is mouthed by modern-day feminists, is agonizing beyond articulation. To borrow a truly staggering example that has been mentioned in a YouTube presentation (which I’ll link below) from philosopher Stefan Molyneux, entitled “The Truth About Male Privilege”:

Despite often repeated allegations that the vast majority of domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, it simply isn’t true. Dr. Martin S. Fiebert has compiled a collection of 286 scholarly investigations, 221 empirical studies, and 65 reviews and/or analyses which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. Even the biased not just in name only ‘Office of Violence Against Women’ quotes, which say 34% of domestic violence is against men. If you were wondering, there is no ‘Office of Violence Against Men’.

Given these facts, the question then becomes, Can men get help? Stefan reads more statistics to address this question:

“Denise Hines, PH.D is a research assistant psychology professor at Clark University and a research associate at the Family Research Laboratory and Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Hines detailed her findings on what happens when abused men call domestic violence hotlines or shelters seeking help. About a third of all domestic violence injuries are suffered by men. Of the abused men who called domestic violence hotlines, 64% were told that [the hotlines] ‘only helped women.’ In 32% of the cases, the abused men were referred to batterers’ programs.

“Another 25% were given a phone number to call that turned out to be a batterers’ program. A little over a quarter of them were given a reference to a local program that helped. Overall, only 8% of the men who called hotlines classified them as ‘very helpful,’ whereas 69% found them to be ‘not at all helpful.’ Sixteen percent said the people at the hotline ‘dismissed or made fun of them.’ ”

Let us move now to an even more shocking finding regarding the uneasy topic of rape. Feminists would argue that we live in a “Rape Culture,” that is, a society wherein rape is pervasive and normalized, downplayed, or ignored; with men being the main perpetrators (mattress girl anyone?). These facts are from another great presentation from Stefan Molyneux, entitled “Rapegate: The Truth About Rape,” which is a more concise version of another presentation entitled “The Truth About Rape Culture.” Again, to directly borrow Stefan’s words:

“Do you know that in the modern world there still exists a country that did not even track or classify rape as a crime until a few short years ago? Do you know that that country was the United States of America? In a landmark 1977 case when the US Justice System decided to stop executing rapists, the law literature which documents this decision clarifies rape as ‘the rape of an adult woman.’ There’s no mention of men getting raped. In fact, up until 2013, the FBI defined rape as ‘the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.’ In other words, for as long as the United States has had country, statistics on reported rape have excluded men from those numbers.

“Eh, but how often do men really get raped? Most people know about the rape of men in prison. Did you know that more men get raped in prison than women get raped outside of prison? Ah, but that is males victimizing other males. Let’s go one step further. If you had to guess, how many men do you think get raped by women every year? By the way, if some joke comes to your mind about how men should welcome being raped by women, you are really part of the problem. Recently, the Center for Disease Control over a 12 month period reports that 1,270,000 females were raped and 1,267,000 males were made to penetrate. Approximately 1 in 21 men were made to penetrate another person during their lifetime and about 80% reported a female perpetrator.

“A 2010 analysis from the Bureau of Justice Statistics data found that 46% of male rape and sexual assault victims reported a female perpetrator. A Bureau of Justice Statistics report on sexual victimization in juvenile facilities states ‘approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff misconduct said they had been victimized by a female facilities staff.’ Did you know that women are part of the cycle of sexual violence? Between 60% and 80% of rapists, sex offenders, and sexually aggressive men were sexually abused by a woman in their childhood. So, to a large degree, healing the plague of sexual violence is not about ‘teaching men not to rape,’ but rather teaching adult women not to rape little boys.…”

By no means is it just men’s suffering that is getting overlooked, but tragically also the suffering of boys. To borrow an from an article entitled, “Study Reveals Who Gets Spanked,” by Robin Lloyd:

Recent studies have found that corporal punishment can cause significant antisocial behavioral, such as lying, cheating, and hitting, in children as they grow older. So Andrew Grogan-Kaylor of the University of Michigan and his colleague Melanie D. Otis of the University of Kentucky wanted to find out what factors, independent of others, predict whether or not a parent is likely to ‘spare the rod.’

“Their analysis of answers from 800 respondents on questions about their use of corporal punishment as well as many other family issues arrived at the intellectual stimulation factor.


1. More than 90 percent of parents of toddlers say they have spanked their child at least once.

2. About 61 percent of mothers of 3- to 5-year-olds had spanked their child in the past week.

3. Boys are more likely to be spanked than girls.

4. Spanking can continue into adolescent years.

5. People in rural areas and the South are more likely to spank.

6. Mothers spank children more often than fathers do.

7. Economic status of a family makes no difference in the odds of spanking.

8. African-American parents are more likely than white parents to use corporal punishment.

9. Conservative Protestants are more likely to use corporal punishment than parents with other religious affiliations.

10. Parents who value of positive reinforcement tend to view spanking as inappropriate.”

[Source: Andrew Grogan-Taylor, University of Michigan, and Melanie D. Otis, University of Kentucky]

Granted, while the three examples here might be counterintuitive, especially if you’ve been told that we live in a patriarchy and that women are the primary victims of oppression and sexism, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of just how far removed the feminist narrative is from the facts. For more information, I’d highly recommend the material listed below.

Reorienting oneself with reality is a glorious journey, one that requires the willingness to put aside the dominant narrative, no matter how compelling such an account might be or how incredibly frustrating it is to face the degree to which one has been lied to, and instead commit to uncovering the underlying data.

So, given that the primary rationale for being a feminist in the first place is largely to focus on advancing opportunity for the oppressed, which in their minds happen to be especially women, what are we to make of feminism if its entire justification for existing is based on false premises and misinformation?

Male privilege, as it turns out, is a myth. Women are as capable of initiating domestic violence towards their spouses as much, if not more, than males and not only that, women are violent in the worst kind of way, which is towards children and more so than men. Assuming that feminists operate on the idea that sexism, abuse, and oppression are such terrible things in principle, that is to say not just towards women, but towards anyone, where is the outcry from feminists towards mothers who spank their boys? (And girls too, of course.) Why is Anita Sarkeesian not making videos that draw our attention to that, rather can something as comparatively banal as video tropes?

In addition, there is rape culture. Rape culture is to women as the War on Terrorism is to the average American citizen, with the likelihood of each threat both being hysterically heightened to preposterously exaggerated proportions, and with the success rates of the solutions proposed for each danger both being equally laughable. For women, we have feminism, which proposes that we fight sexism with more sexism, and for homeland safety we have statists who propose that we can eradicate terrorism by being even greater terrorists.

Also, very similar to how the War on Terrorism survived through the media provoking anxiety and mistrust throughout the nation, while equally deranged members of Congress alleviated such fears through reactive policies that allowed for increased surveillance, effectively transforming the United States further and further into the irreversible status of police state, the fear mongering perpetuated by feminists has festered a frenzy of hysterical paranoia that possibly has not been seen since the Bush administration; a paranoia being directed towards men. The media surely helps with that too, with Yahoo’s Internet home page the other day donning an article entitled, “Old Rape Kits and 4 Brave Women Bring Rapist to Justice.”

This only further demonizes males, much like how Americans were hypnotized into an “Us vs. Them” mentality toward the Middle East after 9/11 and as a result saw the Middle East as the land of the “enemies.” Now, rapists abound! Any man is a potential sexual predator. Men can no longer spread their legs on subway seats, as they are potentially oppressing women as surely as the guy who brings his gift laser pointer with him on a trip is potentially a threat to the security of other travelers, and so, must have his possession confiscated. The NYPD has allegedly arrested two men for “manspreading” on a subway, but this has yet to be confirmed.

In the same way, it is an act of profound cruelty to incarcerate a heroin addict who has most likely endured outrageous abuses throughout her lifetime, which is the source of the pain that is driving the addiction in the first place, rather than showing her some empathy by helping her recover; cutting off our compassion for men, men who have likely had their penises mutilated as babies and who have been hit by their mothers as toddlers until adolescence — to then tell these men that is it they who are the oppressive ones in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that to me is nothing more than continuing the abuse ad infinitum.

Feminism then becomes nothing more than a socially acceptable form of bullying. I’m reminded of these pictures I saw a while back of individuals proudly holding signs up to the camera that explained why they need feminism. One such sign read, “I NEED FEMINISM BECAUSE … I considered not getting this photo taken because I’m not wearing make up.” So, if I understand rightly, what she needs from feminism is for these brave justice warriors to rid her of societies’ unjust social norms that pressure her to wear make-up. A noble goal. I think boycotting women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan would be a great place to start.

But this got me thinking, “What do I need from feminism?”

A fucking apology.


Don’t take my word for it. Watch the presentations. And don’t take Stef’s word for it; go to the description and click the link to find the list of his sources.

Who Gets Spanked?


Article on manspreading arrests:

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