This October we reached one billion coub views per month. Most of our views used to come from coubs embedded on other platforms. Now 80% of views are occurring natively, so site and app views are growing very rapidly indeed. The website has quadrupled its traffic over the last two years, and the mobile apps have doubled their traffic in the last year. Yeah!

Big thanks to the Coub team and all the coubers!

There’s a new button on the Coub player for bookmarks. On any coub, you can click this button to send it to your “bookmarks”. This works on any embed, and any coub on the site itself.

Coub now has its very own chat feature! This is a major new addition to Coub that we’ve been working on for the last six months.

Coub isn’t exactly a social network. It’s not (or not typically) about your friends or family. It’s about interests — films, animals, sports, anime, gaming, etc. But there’s never been a way for people with shared interests to talk with each other on Coub itself. They had to go to VK, Discord or elsewhere for that. That’s why we decided to build a chat system.

The main purpose was to help the community flourish.

If a user doesn’t add their own avatar, sites often provide a default, so that there’s at least something to see. For a long time on Coub, we used a human silhouette against a grey background. Some sites or apps generate random avatars, so that each one is slightly different.

Recently we made all avatars circular, and the default image didn’t look too good in that format. So we decided to make new defaults (and not just one).

We’ve designed multiple elements that are randomly arranged for each avatar. They aren’t absolutely unique to every user, but the quantity of variations is pretty huge. Now users with default avatars can be more easily distinguished from each other — they won’t just blend into one big anonymous mass.

While preparing a big new feature for Coub, we decided to make a small but interesting addition to the editor — Splices.

Splices is a library of snippets that can be added to your coubs. If something’s just not right with your coub, if it’s a little dull, you can always add White Noise, or Windows Glitch.

Big thanks to Alihandraw and oilkeys for their help in creating the splices, and Sanya Retunsky and Kolya Astakhov for development.

If you have any good ideas for new splices, let us know. Cheers!

When we launched Coub, we wanted to make a HTML5 player and editor. But it proved technically unfeasible at the time. There was always a gap in the loop, and audio failed to stay in sync. Not all browsers would support it, and those that did, behaved unpredictably. That is why we decided to make everything in Flash, both player and editor.

We finally made the HTML5 player a while back, but the editor proved more difficult. Even YouTube have decided not to rewrite their Flash editor in HTML5.

Flash seriously hampered development of the editor in various ways. It…

Drafts and Scheduled Posts are two our most requested functions, and now they’re here!

Yay, an update!

Firstly: Everything is faster: coubs, interface, the lot.

  • Coubs now appear in their original proportions — no more cropping. See coubs as the creators intended them to be seen.
  • Free scrolling. Your scrolling won’t automatically stop on each coub. Slow or fast, scroll as you please. 📜
  • Tags are now visible under each coub, so you can explore interesting tags without having to search. 🔦
  • There are now four main sections: Feed, Popular, Search, Create. Navigation is easy and intuitive. 💆
  • Muting a particular coub will now mute all the subsequent coubs, and vice versa. So, if you feel like a little peace and quiet, just tap the…

Hi there! We have some good news: there’s an update for our iOS app, and this one is BIG.

Coubs are now viewed in their original proportions. Your coubs will not be cropped, and precious details will not go missing.

We’ve added a section with new coubs. So now you can find the newest gems right in the app.

You now see tags under each coub, making it faster to browse coubs with the same topic.

Free scrolling! Scrolling won’t stop with each coub, so browsing and searching are now that much faster.

We’ve finally added Weekly to the…

We love Telegram. It’s probably the most dynamically developed messenger out there, setting the standard for the industry. From a technological standpoint, these guys are way ahead of the opposition.

They’re already on the cutting edge with their Telegram-Bot. But, together with the Telegram team, we’ve made something even more exciting.

Coub now has native support in the latest Telegram app for iOS. Coubs play within the app itself. With a tap, the large player opens with sound.

How it works

If you post the link to a coub it will immediately turn into the player. But that’s not all. You can…

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