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It often feels like the reason the left can’t gain any ground is that we simply won’t resort to some of the venal tactics you see from the right. I mean things like using incendiary social issues like gender identity and abortion to provide cover for massive land/resource/cash grabs. The right has no shortage of weak spots in its coalition, but they are seasoned veterans at keeping the left busy by playing pure offense. And they fight dirty. Any brawler will tell you that a thumb to the eye is more effective than keeping your chin up and being an honorable opponent.

The right loses when their behavior is just too incompetent or criminal to be glazed over by uncomplicated appeals to the lower instincts of their constituency. That moment might be drawing nigh, again. My question is this: can we thumb enough eyes to reverse decades of active voter suppression? Can we resist the intentional under-funding of the census and hit hard on gerrymandering?

Do we fight fair, at the cost of winning, or can we go brutal, at the cost of dignity? The right made their choice a long time ago.

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