Alleviate iPhone poverty for $2 a month :)

Everyday almost 100 million adults are dying of insanity every time the iPhone notification pings, “Storage almost full..You can manage your storage in settings.

Here’s what you’re monthly donation of $2 a month could provide for me, a 128gb iPhone 7s, when it comes out in September.

Forget the other 100 million people suffering, help me.

I want to listen to podcasts, I want to take photo’s, save 700 app’s that I don’t need, and not give a f**k.

What i’m trying to say ladies and gents is I want to be able to do what ever the heck I want, without being restricted by Voldemort (storage)#HarryPotter

Apple have made progress the minimum limit is 32gb, it used to be 16gb, but it’s still not enough.

So if you work at Apple, let Tim Cook know NICELY (we don’t want you losing you’re job) he should help a hell of a lot of “middle class people”, in one small flick on his CEO wrist, increase the minimum storage to 64gb.


Pretty please

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