I NEED a Google Home device

Today is the day of Google IO.

There’s a lot to discuss, expect a few more articles related to the conference, there’s a lot to discuss.

Just in case you have no idea what i’m talking about Google IO is an annual event by Google, where they showcase new products or iterations to there “stans” #Eminem

I want a Google Home device. (It’s Google’s version of Amazon Echo, if you’re confused, as to what i’m referring to).

Google, I want one. Disregard that, I need 5.

I for my bedroom, lounge, kitchen, study and one just because.

The coolest new feature I saw today is voice controlled called, you say “call sister”, it figures out it’s me calling and calls “my sister”.

If my mom say’s “call my sister”, it calls her sister and not her daughter (my sister, am I confusing you lol)

It might sound like a ridiculous feature. But my hands are tired, I want to be able to control everything using my voice, my hands are going into retirement. :)

If Google releases a promotional video, showing the feature, ill be sure to post it