Here’s a List of Guinea’s Best Restaurants…

Travelling to Guinea anytime soon?

If you are, consider preparing a checklist before going there. That checklist should list places to visit, places you’ll stay at, and restaurants you’ll try.

And the restaurant bit is important.

Part of the joy in travelling involves trying different dishes. You want to take the opportunity to try some of Guinea’s best cuisines…

And in case you don’t want local food, you need a list of good places to get fast-food.

We’ll provide those places to you. Below, we’ll mention some restaurants in Guinea you should visit!

(1) Restaurant Patisserie Le Damier.

This is one of the best restaurants in Conakry (Guinea’s capital city).

And it’s quite special too! This isn’t a restaurant that focuses on typical lunch and dinner reservations…

This is the go-to place for anyone with a sweet tooth. This restaurant specializes in delivering baked sweets.

It’s a pastry store after all.

Also, compared to other restaurants in Conakry, the Wi-Fi is excellent there. So if you want to enjoy some sweets while using the internet, this is your go-to spot!

(2) Avenue.

This 1-name restaurant will provide some the best cooked dishes in Guinea.

Also located in Conakry, this restaurant provides everything from sea-food to fajitas. And it’s quite clean, with excellent service…

This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. And it has a bar too, with a wide variety of drinks to enjoy.

At Avenue, the hot and wet climate of the city is completely nullified. The location is properly air conditioned, if you need a break from tropical heat…

It’s also suitable as a quick traveler’s diner. There, you can pay in plastic cards for food you want, which isn’t a feature of many Guinean restaurants.

(3) Le Muov’.

This place provides an environmental variation of travelers.

There, you get an indoor lounge with a low level of light. It’s perfect for relaxation and a soft gathering with friends.

This restaurant also has a rooftop setting, if you want to enjoy a cool breeze while having a drink.

This place is perfect for dinner time, or a late night relaxation. We highly recommend it if you hate noise…

Learn More About Guinea.

Restaurants aside, there are so many things to plan in a travel.

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