Why The Cashmere Scarf is the Best Scarf Ever

When buying a new scarf, fabric matters.

Your scarf isn’t just a piece of fashion. It’s also a utility, where it keeps you warm in winter.

We’ll talk about that in-depth. Below, we’ll discuss how cashmere scarves are excellent and practical items!

It’s Wool.

Specifically, it’s goat wool.

Cashmere scarf comes from the “cashmere goat.” And this species of goats provides a very special fabric…

You see, cashmere scarves made of 100% cashmere is around 8 times warmer than normal sheep wool. And the pure cashmere scarf it’s also lighter to carry around.

And this makes it an excellent lightweight warmer.

Less Clothing.

You don’t have to wear many clothing items to feel warm. You don’t need 2 tops and a sweatshirt to feel fine in winter.

The 100% Cashmere scarf simply does the trick.

This also matters for your neck. Because you don’t want a heavy scarf that suffocates your skin.

That’s not a comfortable way to enjoy winter.

It is Soft.

Again, cashmere isn’t like normal wool.

It doesn’t feel too scratchy. It doesn’t feel like it’s coming apart from close inspection.

And the best part? It doesn’t make you feel like scratching all the time.

A 100% cashmere scarf is the best item to wear in winter. Its softness keeps you warm, while respecting sensitive skin.

In fact, speaking of sensitive skin…

Cashmere is a Natural Fiber.

It’s not synthetic. There are no lab chemicals involved in the production of pure cashmere scarves(except for coloring).

So you get something that doesn’t irritate your skin.

Also, being natural, cashmere doesn’t break down from sunlight. It doesn’t breakdown from UV radiation, nor does it discolor with ease.

You also don’t have to worry about your skin absorbing toxic compounds. And toxicity is all over the place with cheap fashion.

Cheap Fashion?


You see, one of the problems with the 100 percent cashmere scarf is that it’s a luxury fabric. It’s a bit expensive to make and buy.

And to a certain extent, this is an advantage. Being an expensive fabric, you’re almost always buying high quality clothing.

But — you need a high budget to make a pure cashmere wardrobe. And for most people, this is not an option.

Thus, we recommend you go with scarves. It’s a good starting budget option that keeps you warm. And they’re a little less expensive than shirts and bottoms.

So, you need a store that provides you affordable cashmere clothing. And for that, we recommend you…

Lorami Scarves.

This is a store that sells 100% cashmere scarves.

If you want to buy a Scottish cashmere scarf, this is the place to be. You’ll get high quality weaving, with elegant colors and tailoring.

Be sure to visit the store, and explore their collection now!