Are you registered to vote? Are your friends and family? In 2008, 30 million Americans weren’t registered to vote and 5.7 million of them said that they didn’t know how to register or they just missed the deadline.

Well, we’re here to help. The deadline to register to vote is coming up quickly in a lot of states, beginning with Georgia on Oct. 3. And remember, there are just 48 days left until Election Day!

Get Registered

You can use this link to register to vote. Go do it. Tell your friends!

We know, we know, all you ever hear about nowadays is the presidential election and it’s getting a little old. But remember thirty-four Senate seats and every single seat in the House is up for grabs in November as well. (You can click here to see if you have a senator up for reelection). And there are all kinds of ballot initiatives and local council seats and mayoral seats and governorships and dog catcher positions and… you get the point: VOTE!

Below, you can see the deadlines for each state. Note that these dates are the absolute last day you can register in each state, whether that’s by mail or online or in-person. A lot of these states have earlier deadlines for some methods of registration (e.g. the mail-in deadline is a few weeks ahead of the getting-in-the-car-and-going-down-to-an-office deadline). Cool? Cool.

Check out Rock The Vote for more information on getting registered, early voting, where your polling place is, who’s on your ballot and more. Still more questions? Contact your local elections division.

— Sarah Mimms

Photo by Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

Originally published on Tumblr

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