At the beginning of each week, we present three real bills on the schedule for a vote, so you can tell your reps whether they should say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. We know, Congress voting on things? Shock!

So, before your representative or senators vote on the bills, in your name, we’re going to quickly tell you about what’s in them and give you a chance to weigh in.

VOTE 1 — Identity Theft: Should the Government Stop Sending Your Social Security Number in the Mail?

This bill would work to prevent identity theft by prohibiting the Social Security Administration from using an individual’s entire Social Security number in any mailings. The legislation follows a 2015 report that found that 66 percent of the SSA’s mailings included the recipient’s full Social Security number.

Does Congress need to tell the SSA what to do? Or are there better ways of dealing with identity theft?

Read more about the Social Security MAIL Act of 2016, and tell your rep how to vote, here!

VOTE 2 — Should the US Pressure Russia to Withdraw from Ukraine?

This bill does a lot of things to reaffirm the U.S.’s position that Russia should end its occupation of parts of Ukraine, notably, Crimea. It includes extending sanctions against Russian officials that are contributing to the Ukraine crisis and an Executive Order that allows the U.S. to seize assets of those officials if they’re brought to America (i.e. assets in U.S. banks).

Should the U.S. expend its resources to force Russia out of Ukraine? Is this the right path to do so?

Find out more about the Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act and tell your reps how to vote here!

VOTE 3 — Are Baby Changing Stations Needed in Both the Men’s and Women’s Bathrooms in Public Buildings?

This bill would require male and female bathrooms in public buildings to have baby changing facilities. It would task the General Services Administration (GSA) with determining that the baby-changing stations are safe, sanitary, and appropriate.

Should Congress mandate that public buildings add changing stations for dads on the go? Or is this costly federal overreach? Should it be left up to the states instead?

Check out more on the BABIES Act, and have your say, here!

Have anything else on your mind for your representative or senators? Why not use the buttons below to send them an email or video message on the issues that matter most to you?

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