It’s difficult to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in this country and to break through the clutter so we’re here to make it easier. Here’s what we at Countable are reading today:

1. The Big Story: “Charlotte braces for more protests after night of violence

Protests erupted in Charlotte, NC, on Tuesday night after another officer-involved shooting of an African-American man. Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot and killed by Charlotte-Mecklenberg police on Tuesday, setting off “a night of angry protests … in which 16 police officers were wounded and stores were looted.” More protests, as well as “special church services” are expected Wednesday night. Police say that Scott “was armed and ignored several commands to drop his weapon” and have rejected claims by his family that he was carrying a book.

“The shooting took place four days after a Tulsa police officer fatally shot” Terence Crutcher, who was unarmed. The Dept. of Justice is investigating the Oklahoma incident and is “‘assessing’ Scott’s death.”

Read more at USA Today.

Tell your reps

Congress has considered a number of bills in response to officer-involved shootings and attacks on police officers. Let your reps know what you think they should do.

2. “Mylan [Makers of EpiPen] Criticized on Profits and Pay at Oversight Hearing

“Outraged lawmakers” criticized Mylan for drastically increasing the price of potentially life-saving EpiPens over the last few years, while top executives earned $300 million, in a testy hearing with CEO Heather Bresch on Wednesday. Bresch is the daughter of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Read more at Bloomberg.

3. “IRS boss Koskinen takes heat at impeachment hearing for faulty testimony

House Republicans brought IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in for another hearing Wednesday, in which “admitted ‘failings’” in his past responses to members of Congress who are investigating the IRS’s “targeting of conservative groups.” The hearing came in lieu of impeachment proceedings against Koskinen that have been delayed until after the election. Koskinen argued Wednesday that impeaching him would be “improper.”

Read more at Fox News.

Need some background? You can read our primer on the case against Koskinen and the IRS scandal, as well as tell your reps what you think: here.

4. “Ohio’s new Thomas Edison statue dedicated at US Capitol

Ohio dedicated a statue of inventor Thomas Edison holding a lightbulb in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Edison, a native Ohioan, was chosen by voters to replace former Gov. William Allen, “who supported Southern slave owners,” as one of the state’s two statues in Statuary Hall. The other is of former President James Garfield.

Read more at the Associated Press.


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— Sarah Mimms

Photo via The All-Nite Images/Wikimedia Commons (taken in New York City, 2014).

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