How Facebook Creeping Broke My Heart A Little
Lily A King

Sad but oh so true tale. I searched for a really good friend a couple weeks ago. I found who I thought was him 10 years ago in a library telephone data base. Unsure, I never called. Something like your unmade ftiend request.

This time the search led me to his photo and obituary on a funeral homes website. It rocked me like an earthquake. I’ve been planning a trip back to Big Sur, California. Don and I were best buds there. Many campfires, star filled skies, stories, and songs. He even put me up for a while in his Airstream trailer.

The obit written by his girlfriend summarized him perfectly.

The epitaph read: “His kindness and generosity never wavered.”

That was Don Loughridge. A rare human being. One of The Best I’ll ever know.

Memorials to be made by donation to your local animal shelter.

Thanks for your touching story. It truly is an amazing tale.

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