Do You Still Feel Capitalism Dying?
Joe Brewer

To answer your question, NO, I don’t. Capitalism is here to stay. Even if it’s just kids selling lemonade on the corner. It will be a part of every society regardless of political persuasions.

It’s the language of resources and if you can’t get the government to give it to you there WILL be someone to sell it to you.

Like these negative diatribes of yours. Good for your bowels… but what actual measurable change are you achieving ?

If you ever feel like quiting, don’t worry, there’s someone waiting in line to replace you. That’s “capitalism” or if you prefer Reality 101.

I find it extremely humorous and ironic that the suggested article beneath yours is : “Top 10 Strategies To Ward Off Negativity”

Only 56 reccomends but there you go….someone right there to sell what you haven’t got. It’s not that I disagree with you Joe, it’s just that you’re playing with peoples feelings not offering realistic solutions. Frankly sir, that makes you just anothet exploiter of a market.

“Everybody loves a fire !” Burn away Mr. Brewer.