Escape The Rat Race — Start Your Own Business

Leaving The Rat Race To Start Your Own Company

Rat Race is defined as “an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit.

If you want to be creative and feel self-worth being in business for yourself can offer this to you.

If you are ambitious and just itching to be on your own and do what you love, then the corporate world probably is not for you. Starting a business is probably your best option.

What you need to know off hand is that you are starting something that just might fail.

Make sure to lower your cost of living and save up. Make sure to have some cushioning (cash)as you’re going to need to survive all the challenging financial situations. Make sure the money you make from your own business is held onto more tightly as you may get more of it, but it will come in spurts. It needs to go further. It is completely different than a paycheck. Read More