A Guide to “In Dreams”

What is “In Dreams”?

In Dreams is an internet playlist comprised of 13 original videos, along with additional media on Instagram, Tumblr, and Soundcloud. Together, these works make up the first ever “Internet Album”, a short catalogue of free online pieces connected in style, feeling, and meaning.

What is Count the Clock?

Count the Clock is an artist’s collective comprised of Zach Lorkiewicz, Michael Coe, Terence Yoon, Dylan Deluca, Catherine Yang, and Mei Gao. To access Count the Clock work, please visit the official website or YouTube channel.

The “In Dreams” Catalogue:

  1. In Dreams (Z)*

2. Corporate Sluts (Z)

3. Chloe_516 (Z/MC)

4. In Grief (Laverne) (Z/MC)

5. In Death (Laverne) (Z/MC)

6. Penelope Wave (Z)

7. dream_message (MC)

8. Daydream (Z)

9. sleepwalking (MC)

10. drifting (Z)

11. dozing (Z)

12. In Captivity (Laverne) (Z/MC)

13. Sweet Dreams (Z)

*Projects are credited by initial to principal creative director/s. All projects shot by TY.

Additional media


Chloe_516 (MC)

What’s Inside (Remix) (CY/MC)

dream_message (MC)

Instagram (posts by Z):

Tumblr (posts by Z/MC):