Battling The Stormy Winds Of Blackpool

Our Journey

First trip together was a night away in Blackpool to celebrate my birthday. Happy 19th birthday to me. It was the first trip away and Christian made it a complete surprise, the only clue I was told was to pack a bag for a night stay and that he’d pick me up to start our journey to Euston Station.
With an early morning start we headed for the first part of our journey; 45 minute bus ride to Euston Station. Once arriving, Christian handed me the tickets and I saw our destination. Blackpool! I had been before with my family a few years ago but was excited to be going there again with him.
Buckets of water fell from dark grey clouds as we entered Blackpool after a 3 and a half hour train ride. We rushed over to the taxi stand and headed to Hilton hotel.

Towns Atmospheric Feeling

After settling in, we decided to go out and battle the storms of Blackpool. Such a great decision! We walked from the hotel to the shopping centre, it was meant to be a 10 minute walk, but we took at least 20 minutes because we were blown away by the wind. We were able to embrace the sights and the beach. With the sounds of crashing waves and cars zooming by, we saw the Blackpool Tower in the distance glowing in different colour lights. The atmosphere of the town was already building up a Christmas spirit. Spreading a warm feeling around the town centre with glistening lights and lit up Christmas trees.

Lit up tree in the beautiful town of Blackpool

After experiencing a rainy and storm like winds we decided to have a calm and relaxing night in at the hotel. Playing cards, opening my presents and laughing until the early hours.
Another trip to Blackpool may be an option but next time we will be coming in the Summer.

Even the strong winds couldn’t take the smile our of our faces — We will be back soon