Truth In Numbers

By Adrian Okezie

After analyzing data from the past 5 months,it is evident that some people are concerned with middle school event news/rankings/mixtapes and event performance more than getting educated about the process. It’s ok to injest those media channels, we support all participants of the hoops ecosystem however I hear a lot of guardians complaining about the nuiances,costs and setbacks of travel hoops when out on the circuit . This is where we raise the red flag.

Below is a recent comparison of read #’s between a @runnareport article written May 2016 vs NYBL article in June 2016 and the most recent #emergingprospects summary published in August 2016

Above: Blueprint for Grassroots basketball

Below: Write ups from #emergingprospects and #nyblfinals

The unfortunate thing is that guardians (parents,coaches,advisors) have been following informative social media platforms and missing the keys. I just want to say that some tournament directors lie,some coaches lie, some kids lie but the above numbers don’t. However the #EpicKey is " take the criticism, embrace the keys, and carry on. "

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