Jaden Springer is the The Top Freshman Prospect In North Carolina

The season has just kicked off and the Southwestern 4A Rocky River Ravens, our RR namesake, the team has hit the court with some youth driven momentum.

Oscar Walker’s Ravens are led by Team USA Mini Camp’s “Youngest in Charge” and National prospect Jaden Springer. Starting in his first Varsity game at Rocky River, Jaden had to learn that he couldn’t get as physical as he’s used to playing on the circuit. His early foul trouble led to limited minutes however he tallied 15pts, leading all scorers in a win vs South Mecklenburg.

Fast forward to the next two games and he makes an automatic adjustment. Jaden’s versatility warrented 25pts vs Harding U and 26pts vs Phillip O. Berry Academy in his first week of high school basketball acquiring big wins for the Ravens.

Next up is Zebulon B. Vance , we will keep you in the loop in some way form or fashion. RR

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