Striving for Excellence


The classroom measurement of choice is GPA. An equitable range of (3.65 - 4.0) and participating in quality educational/civic experiences will give a young student the academic prowess to attract a sleuth of academic opportunities post high school.


In addition to the classroom, acquiring the on-court pieces are essential to being prepared for the national stage. Performance, image, exposure,character,education and skillset all play a huge role in gaining attention of scouts and recruiters.

Below is a guide for gains and personal accountability checklist that will allow players to self assess and take some action steps.
  • How is your skillset? Can you perfect the basics (finish layups, creating space, shooting off dribble, passing, ball handling, shooting accuracy etc
  • Are you athletic? What are you doing to maintain your edge? Can you defend the ball, rebound, recover in transition, finish above rim, protect the paint?
  • What are you doing to boost your IQ? What is your court awareness like? What do you know about spacing? Do you communicate on the court? Can you pass out of double teams? Are you a playmaker? Can you defend screens? Do you have defensive discipline? Do you defend as a helper? Are you too good to take charges?
  • Experience - Make sure you are battle tested vs more skilled polished and intense players preferably older with something on the line. Players need court time vs competition to translate skillwork to gameplay.

It is advised focus on these key pieces in 7th grade and put into action in 8th,9th,10th,11th, and 12th grade…….

No exceptions

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