When I was 14 I had a LiveJournal.

The whole appeal of Medium for me is seeing all the unfiltered thoughts and wide range of people who would otherwise be unheard. No filter between myself and my fellow members of humanity other than putting their words down on their screen and then posting.

I like the idea of publications where people of a particular group or writers who share an affinity can congregate and be part of something a bit bigger than themselves. If your topic or affinity does not match up, you can post it in another publication, post it simply in your own name or even create your own publication to post in.

The part that I am not a fan of is adding that second filter to have to pass through and than walling it off behind a subscription. I am sure that there will be great writing and other creative material at the Creme.

As a writer, why would I want to jump through these hoops when I can just post it on Medium as myself or under some other publication?

As a reader on Medium why would I choose to pay for something that although of high quality is not necessarily any better or different than what I can read on the site for free?

There is no compelling reason to me to read or write in a fenced in yard when the rest of the world outside that fence is mine to roam in with an endless horizon.

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