Witness the Rehabilitation of a Lazy Mom

Come along and watch as I muddle through bettering myself, because something’s gotta give.

So four days into the new year and I figure I should work out a resolution. This year I’m going to commit to writing more and getting healthy.

Now I usually make the same resolution to get healthy and give up about two weeks in. The same excuses are trotted out and I eventually come to the conclusion that I am just meant to live with a pot belly and muffin top. My kids like to cuddle in and use me as a pillow. What kind of mother would I be if I just said “Sorry kids, your comfy pillow is being replaced with washboard abs.”

One big issue is that I love to cheat. On diets, not my husband. He’s often the one I cheat with, to be honest. Once I cheat on a diet, the common refrain is “Well, I’ll just start over again next month.”

The problem is that my year tends to look like this…

January has my oldest child’s birthday. It’s so close to Christmas, and just after the New Year’s resolutions to be more fiscally responsible are made. The poor kid will end up with a complex if I don’t give her a fun birthday party, which inevitably calls for birthday cake.

February has Valentine’s day, as well as my husband’s birthday. Enough said.

March is clear of anything. The diet resumes in March!

April is Easter and I need to make a giant ham for dinner, which is then followed by leftover fried ham the next morning with breakfast. Mmmm….ham.

May has Mother’s day and my wedding anniversary, so I better be getting a half decent meal out of at least one of those days. Mmmm…steak.

June is Father’s day. I would just be selfish if I didn’t return the favour of the glorious meal I had the month before.

July has my birthday, and my second child’s birthday. I don’t want him to think that I play favourites, so he gets a fun birthday too. More cake!

August 22nd is my late father’s birthday, which we celebrate with a large lebanese feast.

September is pretty void of activities. The diet resumes again in September!

October is my dating anniversary and my youngest child’s birthday, so once again, steaks and parenting complexes abound. Honorary mention to Thanksgiving.

November is usually when I have an American Thanksgiving dinner to accommodate any friends and family who couldn’t make it to the Canadian Thanksgiving held in October.

December has my Mother’s birthday and Christmas. My Mother is still alive, thankfully, so her birthday is celebrated when I get to see her in person. Seeing as I live 6 hours away, that doesn’t happen often and needs to be celebrated properly. Even more cake!!

Obviously Christmas is a given, and means that I basically begin eating on the 19th of December and don’t stop until New Year’s day when I’ve made a resolution to eat healthier.

If you haven’t already clued in, I love food. It makes me happy. As I write this, I am currently thinking about the bacon and cheese sandwich I want to make with the croissants that are sitting in my kitchen 4 feet away. So I am aware that I need to rethink my approach to food. I need to find a new way to celebrate, to show those I care about how much I love them in other ways. This would be easier if my kids could read…or listen.

I plan to spend my year figuring all of that out. I’ll be posting updates now and again, discussing any obstacles I face and generally just how I’m feeling about the whole experience. I will not be posting about meal plans, or specific exercise plans for other people. I am in no way a professional. I am simply a stay at home mother of 3 (+ one dog) who is trying to find a way to balance taking care of my family and home, while making time to take care of myself as well. So feel free to follow along, I would love to hear from you now and again.

Tomorrow the real work begins.

Tonight, we finish the pizza in the fridge.