For a moment my mind flashed back to when Amy was a toddler and I’d yanked the cellophane out of her throat while she’d convulsed in her buggy.
“You Need to go to Rehab, Amy”
Cuepoint Selections

I read this with interest. The friend who told me about Amy is gone also. I didn’t see the movie but I read Russell Brand’s article. I feel the mother’s pain. My mother lost her son at 31, my brother when I was 33. It has been 22.5 years since that time. I still feel him with me. He shows up in license plates with messages when I least expect it and need his calming voice the most. This is a book I’d like to settle in with and read for hours. I think there is no voice that can tell a story about a human being quite like their mother can. I was so interested in the cellophane quote. Only a mother can see the foreshadow if she is paying attention, and Janis was paying attention. I chose not to have children because I knew how demanding the role was and I knew I had energy for other adventures. The daughter has her own story and the relationship between one woman giving life to another woman is always fraught with difficulty alongside the many powerful opportunities. It is said, our relationship with other mother colors our relationship with all other souls and with the world at large. I hope this book finds its way to my hands.