Behind The Scenes: Ya Dun Know Already Remix

Ghetts, Frisco, Chip & Frost

I’m sitting in my car behind Gormet Burger trying to figure out where everyone was. I turned down the Grime set I was listening to so that I could focus. It’s funny, whenever I’m driving and I’m trying to find a road, I always turn the music down. This time, I wasn’t looking for a road name, I was looking for a car park. Earlier in the day, I received a call from one of the best artist in Grime. I’ve known Ghetts for a while now. I’ve known his music for a lot longer. We first spoke on the video set for his single ‘Fire Burning’. I had a quick photoshoot with him in between set changes where we shot the cover for the single and portraits that are still used as press shots today. Ghetts is one of my favourite artists because of his energy. Yes he has bars and flows, that’s evident. But it’s his energy that has me screwing my face when I here tracks like Artillery and Gas Mark 9.

Yo fam. I’m shooting a video and need you to capture everything. I need your pictures.
Ghetts, Megaman & Chip

Driving down a dark road with my face close to the windscreen, I’m looking for a group of people you would expect at a videoshoot. I see nothing. On my third time driving down the same road I see someone leaning over a balcony high up.

“Bruv, is that you? You could’ve told me you weren’t on the ground floor”

I should’ve known really. When making a video on private land, you need to be discrete. Last thing you need is security making an appearance just as the artist is spraying his second verse. The music video world of underground music is always shrouded in mystery. Locations are given at the last minute. Selective people are asked to attend. Everything happens fast so the shots are made to avoid issues. For the most part, productions are done in places were you would normally need a permit. So being efficient is key. Director and camera operator Rick Frost knows this very well. He has made videos for the biggest artists in the game. Showing up in the customized car, he jumps out and get right to it.

Frost showing everyone the visuals
Ghetts & Devlin
Bruv! You’re like a main character in Towie now

Being a photographer, I made my way to his direction and straight to the kit. The vision of Canon cine-lenses and active stabilized equipment held my interest. Frost is on form. Recently making appearances on a popular reality show, his profile is growing which is well deserved. With the gear configured and everyone’s car headlights turned on full, it was time to shoot. Everyone was in high spirits. The artists were full of energy. Delivering their bars with voracity which was matched by their dancing. Anyone who has seen Ghetts perform knows that he gets everyone on their feet.

J2K, Chip, Frisco, Ghetts
Sound of the Sir: DJ/Producer Sir Spyro

I played the background. Which was easy because I have a long lens. Being slightly anti, I stood back and took pictures from afar. It was quite sureal. Artist that I grew up listening to like Frisco, Devlin and Megaman were doing their thing. I was just ahppy to be there and do what I do. After the many replays of the song, as is the norm with videos shoots, J2K brought forward a big yellow box with something that made everyone load snapchat. An exclusive pair of trainers that anyone who has watched Back To The Future will remember with a big smile on their face. Ghetts assumed the role of the Grime Marty McFly. Sufing on his uniwheeled segway, it was the closest thing I’ve seen to the fictional hoverboard.

J2K with the exclusive creps

GRM’s Posty yelled “it’s a wrap”. Security had been here for a while enjoying the music, a police car had arrived but didn’t interfere and everyone was still enjoying themselves. I said hello to everyone I knew and introduced myself to everyone I didn’t. As shy as I am, even I know that networking is necessary. The shoot was a fun one. Loads of laughs, old friends telling stories of the past and good Grime music.