J Hus steps back on the field with ‘Playing Sports’

Photo Credit: Courtney Francis

It seems that J Hus has been busy since stepping on stage during Culture Clash and creating one of the more memorable moments. His style of music is an amalgamation of many influences. This makes working with Hus exciting because he can use his talent and create synergetic energy when working. with a producer.

The result of this is the release of the new song ‘Playing Sports’. On first hearing this song, it immediately struck a chord with me due to my love of south american music. The percussion is like modern bossa nova which sets a foundation for a melodic bassline. J Hus is not your average rapper. on ‘Playing Sports’ he uses his voice to add to the production. The different tones synchronize well with Jae5’s creation. The music transports me to Brazil or Peru, but J Hus brings me right back to the ends.

“When i’m outside your crib, you know that WiFi connects”

Being able to write memorable lyrics that stay in the listeners minds is something J Hus has done before with hits like Friendly and Dem Boys Paigon. Playing Sports see’s Hus using his straightforward and humorous characteristics to write bars that show his playful sinister side. I mean, saying he’ll befriend your wifey if you piss him off is cheeky at it’s best.

“I took a little L, now these n***** think they run shit / When we had your bruddas running, I guess it runs in your family”

J Hus engaged with his supporters for the release of Playing Sports. Playing parts from 2 songs and asking the fans to choose which one sees the light of day shows that he is confident in his ability to create music that will make an impact on the scene. Considering that he has gone through some tough times, it’s great to see his spirits are high and the fruits of his labour are being received well.