Saving your receipts

I’ve always had this idea of the ladies bathroom being decorated with silk curtains and comfy sofas. Why else would they stay in their for so long. Inner-visions of a comfortable space where they they can debrief and breakdown what has happened in the dance . What man has made a move, where the big spenders are and who is next to receive the wickedest whine.

As a man, being a fly on the wall for those conversations would be advantageous to our goals. What if we knew what they wanted to hear? I had female cousins that would give me an insight to what girls were looking for and this would’ve been a great help, if I wasn’t gripped by uncontrollable shyness. But that’s another story.

This was back in the days without groupchats and snapchats. If you weren’t on the block with the mandem, you weren’t really clued up to what everyone's experiences were. In this generation, young people have the ability to talk to all of the people in their close circles at the same. Sharing stories and warnings which would serve as a benefit to all involved. But still, men would be lost in this world of confidence and fool themselves into a false sense of security. Thinking that they know everything about the opposite sex, behaviours would be passed on through stories that have been embellished to save face. In the age of social media, those stories are faced with rebuttal by women who aren’t afraid to be honest to the world and recently, four ladies have banded together to bring real life to the masses.

During an episode of the popular podcast 3 Shots Of Tequila, Tazer Black (Faded, Old Skool Sundays) said that there wouldn’t be an all female equivalent podcast that worked as women wouldn’t be as honest as the men on 3 Shots and to be honest, I agreed. When men talk to each other, actually, when men who are friends talk to each other, there are no judgements. I had to change that because men do have egos and want to retain them when amongst men who they don’t know. When you listen to Tazer, Keith and Marvin speak to each other and trade stories, the level of honesty is something that I experienced with my own friends. In my ignorance, I always suspected that women, even those who are friends, would be reluctant to expose themselves fully for fear of ridicule.

When I talk to women about the negative behaviour they have experienced, more time it was from other women. This has resulted in keeping up a front and hardly being free in a public forum. Living your life by the validation from people you hardly know must be a hard one. The altered images from the media and ignorant opinions share widely on social media has resulted in experiences shared by women kept locked away.

Fortunately, things have change and women are standing up in the face of everyone with strength and courage. Telling their stories for all to hear. A great example of this is The Receipts Podcast. A platform hosted by 4 women that aren’t afraid to tell their truths. Tolly T, Milena Sanchez, Ghana’s Finest and Phoebe Park have come together to bring balance to the force. Telling stories and spilling tea on the horrendous antics that young women can identify with. From wearing sliders to a date, to nostril flaring smells from nether regions,. They pull no punches and bring the secrets from the groupchats to the microphones.

In a parallel life, I’m convince I am an anthropologist. Studying the various aspects of humans within past and present societies. Basically, i’m nosey. I like to understand why people act the way they act. This curiosity fuelled my attraction to podcasts. A platform that facilitates space for people to breathe and spill out all their experiences and emotions. In The Receipts Podcast, these 4 women spend considerable time on subjects that have intrigued men for years. The best part about it is, they’re are not held back by the fear of judgement. When I listen to the podcast, I can hear gasps from the others as someone tells an imitate story of their life. Often, there are multiple viewpoints on subjects that sometimes conflict with each other. You know, like real friends.

Several months and 10 episodes later, I found myself in the same venue with all of the hosts. Sipping on my brandy, I walked over to them to profess my delight with the podcast. After the introductions, I learned that they all were introduced to each other at the start of the podcast. This was a shock to me. If you go back and listen to the first episode of the podcast, the level of candour and the quality of the conversation would leave you convinced that they had known each other for years. This made me appreciate the podcast even more as I felt we were all hearing these stories at the same time. This includes the ladies in the studio.

If you’re a young man wanting to get a good woman in your life, I would recommend listening to The Receipts Podcast and learn about all of the madness that these women go through. Some of these stories made me spit out my drink on my desk and other made me question the quality of the male species. Having an insight to the wild things that some men do will give you a head start and will serve as education. For women, I presume that it would give them comfort in knowing that they are not alone with these crazy experiences.

From stories of cheating, weird dates and dealing with pressure from parents about marriage, Tolly T, Milena Sanchez, Ghana’s Finest and Phoebe Park all bring their experiences to the forefront without constraints and bare themselves for our entertainment. Their honesty is appreciated and hopefully will result in young women being able to increase their confidence and live their lives without fear of what people may say. For the mandem, listen to this and do better.

You can listen to The Receipts Podcast on Soundcloud