The Intent: Soundtrack

When watching a film, you are carried on a journey through sights and sounds. When you're not intently listening to the actors dialogue to gain understanding about the story-line, it is the score of the film which sets the mood for the scenes you are watching.

I had the chance to watch The Intent before the release and I noted in my review that the music stood out in the film. It provided another element and matched well with the scenarios that were playing out on the big screen. It’s great to hear that alongside the release of the film, the soundtrack will also be available for everyone to enjoy.

The soundtrack, just like the film, starts off with a bang with ‘Savage’. Ghetts and Rude Kid have created something that sets the tone for the energetic fast pace violent scenes of The Intent. Previously speaking with Ghetts about the creation of the song, after watching the film you’ll then understand his lyrics better and how it links to the characters of the film. Various artists such as Manga Saint Hilare, Ms Banks, Big Tobz and SeeJay100 has written music exclusively for The Intent. It creates a synergy that takes you through the different moods of the film. You’ll find yourself listening to songs on this soundtrack and memories being triggered by the subject matter that you will connect to particular scenes.

Songs like Out Ere by Tanika ft.Stormzy acts as an overview of the main characters as they embark on a treacherous journey that will have them caught up in the whirlwind that is the London criminal underground. There are songs on the soundtrack that specifically speak for the characters. Manga Saint Hilare has created a song that seems synchronised with the inner thoughts and feelings of Mitch. This is the power of a soundtrack specifically made for the film that it is part of. Co-directors Nicky Slimting Walker and Femi Oyeniran has done a great job curating songs and presenting something that compliments The Intent. This soundtrack is good enough to stand on its own but when you combine it with the story-line, the intention is clear that it was created specifically to stand alongside the feature film.