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May 16, 2016

Contact: Justin Barasky — 440–476–4419


Donald Trump Is A Divisive & Dangerous Con-Man Who Should Never Be President

Trump’s Approach To Security, The Economy, & Offensive Views Of Millions Of Americans, Especially Women, Mean He Can’t Be Trusted To Lead The Country

New Ads Part Of A Three Week, $6 Million Buy & Will Run Statewide In Ohio, Florida, Virginia & Nevada

Donald Trump is a dangerous and divisive con-man who should never be President of the United States. Whether it’s his dangerous approach to national security, his plans for the economy, or his divisive positions and offensive statements concerning millions of Americans, especially women, it’s clear that Donald Trump shouldn’t be trusted with leading the country. Our paid media campaign starts by highlighting his divisive views on women and will ultimately reach millions of voters with a message of his divisive, dangerous record.

Watch “Speak” & “Respect” below:

“Donald Trump is a con-man: a divisive, dangerous, know-nothing who should never be President of the United States. His offensive, ignorant views of millions of Americans, especially women, would only further divide our country. His temperament and lack of judgement would put American lives at risk. Ultimately, Donald Trump is a cheat and a coward who won’t prove his wealth and sense of fair play by releasing his taxes and will bankrupt all of us by wrecking our economy,” said Guy Cecil, Chief Strategist at Priorities USA. “This is only the beginning of an aggressive and sustained advertising campaign against Donald Trump and the more voters learn about him the less likely they’re going to be comfortable with the idea that he could be President.”

“Speak” & “Respect” are running statewide in Ohio, Florida, Virginia & Nevada and are Priorities’ first general election television ads of the cycle.

Paid for by Priorities USA Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s

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