Why I started reading Music Credits

With the exception of the features do you ever pay much attention to the credits on music projects?, No? , Well I never used to either.

The inspiration to write this feature post is broken down into two segments:

1. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Credits

At the very center of the 2015 beef between two of hip hops power influencers Meek and Drake was a Ghostwriting accusation. Meek Mill at the time, accused Drake of not writing his lyrics and as time unfolded shed light on a string of reference tracks from Drake’s IYRTITL(If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late).

When these references were released it wasn’t my automatic response to go and check the writing credits to see whether Quentin Miller was there(which he was). This was probably ignorance at the time, but as the time passed(and Drake annihilated Meek) I thought I’d take a look.

The positive outcome from this was that Meek Mill opened my mind to check credits. Additionally, he did kind of taint Drake’s untouchable status, but that’s neither here nor there.

2. HNDRXX and Detail’s influence

The second stream of inspiration for this feature post was Future’s “TrapNb” masterpiece HNDRXX.

I’d put off listening to this album for a while after reviewing FUTURE but decided on my flight to Switzerland for Skydiving I’d dedicate some time to it. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the album, it was wanted following Honest.

The production of Fresh Air and vocals of Damage(Return Of The Mack esque?) really grabbed my attention. When I took a look under the bonnet of the album (aka the credits) I saw Detail’s name all over it (7 out of 14 songs).

Whilst I fully appreciate Future’s penmanship and vocals it’s the production which is on another level in comparison to his other projects. This is in part can be credited to the Cash Money multi-talented artist/producer Noel Fisher(Detail).

It was his uncredited vocals on my personal favorite Damage which reminded me how prominent he was in 2013. His vocals/production were all over the best songs on the Cash Money Rich Gang Album. He also won a grammy in 2015 for his is part in Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s hit Drunk in Love.

To conclude, I feel in order to fully understand a project it is necessary to go “under the bonnet” and delve in the hidden chest of credits. You may be surprised what you find under there!