Proud Family -

You and me will always be tight.

Or so I thought. We started off as people,
I was me and you were you, til I clocked those pretty eyes and knew I had to come through.

I couldn't believe my eyes at first, the potential was elite. I had finally unearthed the gem that would make my set complete.

A bit of polish, dedication and imagination,
Soon to be followed by celebrations, proclaimations.. you get the idea.

You and me will always be tight.

The flower that bloomed from tar. God knows, fuck, how we came so far. Leaving things on a cliffside.. big rassclart doors left ajar.

Inhibition became prohibition. What was love descended into tyranny and being captain save a hoe only funded the villainy.

I mean, how the fuck did I get it so wrong. Stone cold memories sting my eyes when I pick up my phone. I drop tears that leave holes bigger than the ones in your jeans in an attempt to fill the void you made when you decided to Leave I.

The pride i have inside took a bruising. I would of preferred to lose a limb of your choosing. To sit here.. thinking about what next man will end up in my chair ? At this rate the next thing I'll be losing is my hair.

You took a left turn, rather than go right and because of that, my soul can't rest at night, 
Even though I was acting like a fool, you know he'll never love you as much as I do.

But you and me will always be tight..