TLDR; We are writing a 5-part series on “10x analytics” using the CryptoKitties’ blockchain dataset. We’ve combined on-chain Ethereum transaction data with off-chain API data to deep-dive into their business model and revenue metrics behind the game. We’ve also open-sourced the SQL code behind the analysis if you want to follow along. 😍

CryptoKitties is one of the most popular games on the Ethereum blockchain. Players collect and breed kitties, which are unique digital assets. Ownership is tracked via the Ethereum blockchain and a network of smart contracts allow for buying, selling and breeding of these digital assets.

Fortunately for…

Covalent gives you deep engagement insights into your dApps.

The year 2018 marks our first year of operations at Covalent. Here’s a letter I shared with our stakeholders — staff, investors, partners and customers on our progress in 2018 and where we see the growth opportunities for 2019.

Hey guys,

Ganesh from Covalent here. As 2019 approaches, the Covalent team wishes everyone a wonderful new year! Thank you all for your continued support.

The year 2018 marks our first year of operations at Covalent and we’ve seen significant growth in Covalent’s vision, technology, team and the community around us. …

How Blockchain based platforms such as Filecoin, Siacoin, Maidsafe, Storj, and Bluzelle are disrupting the file storage space.

In this post, we’re going to deep dive into why the decentralized file sharing and storage space matters. We’re then going to define what makes up the sector, what the end-users and markets care about, how is decentralization addressing these market needs, what is disruptive about the decentralization thesis, market sizing, and sector ranking, and an analysis of the top players on the Blockchain.

Cloud file storage platforms are transformative because instead of using a local computer storage to store files and photos which at times could take up a gigabyte of space, you use third-party sellers from Dropbox, Box…

How Blockchain-based platforms such as Ethereum, NEO, EOS, QTUM, and LISK are disrupting the cloud computing space.

This post covers research and key insights into how new decentralized computing platforms are disrupting traditional cloud computing providers with better security, pricing, and transparency. In order to fully understand the topic, we’ve recorded a webinar with notes & broken the whole topic into different parts such as :

  • Why the decentralized cloud computing space matters?
  • What makes up the sector & what the end-users and markets care about?
  • How is decentralization addressing these market needs?
  • What is disruptive about the decentralization thesis, market sizing and sector ranking, and analysis of the top players on the blockchain.
  • Finally, in conclusion…

Crypto today is at a very interesting juncture. Without data, it’s difficult to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Data-backed research is key to bring a strategic vantage point. This understanding and transparency is critical for mass market adoption of Crypto.

Covalent, uses a data driven research methodology based on the AUDIT method, an acronym that stands for Actionable Understandable Data-driven In-depth Timely information.

We report on blockchain and cryptocurrency market trends that are unbiased, independent, best-in-class, data-backed and most importantly understandable to the layperson.Our first upcoming report is on credit & lending at blockchain

Covalent Research Methodology



One unified API. One billion possibilities. Covalent provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

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