Matt’s initial concepts for the Coverr logo

How We Crowdsourced Coverr’s New Logo

A few months back when we launched, our main goal was to quickly launch a free tool so that users could easily find and download Coverr videos (short, looping snippets of video which can play in the background of web pages.) We saw that this was a growing trend in web design and that no one had offered a resource for these videos in the same way that stock photos were offered.

In our haste, we didn’t have much time to design a proper logo, quickly dashing one off ourselves. But after a 150 Coverr videos, many submitted by our fabulous community of users, we felt it was time for a small makeover. And since Coverr is all about community, we also asked our fans to crowdsource some new logo designs for us.

By simply placing a small banner at the top of the homepage and by asking for submissions through our email list, we received over 40 new designs for a logo!

Today we’re happy to announce the winning designer, from a talented designer named Matt Hirsch. You can check out his work here and see his design process with our logo here.

Here’s how it looks on Coverr from today!

We hope you like the new logo. And thanks again to Matt and to all the talented designers who submitted logos!

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