Different types of identity theft and what to do about it

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Most identity theft attempts are made by fraudsters disguising themselves as a trustworthy person. With just a little bit of common sense and caution, you can make sure that you don’t become a victim of identity theft.

PHISHING is an email in which you are urged to provide personal information of any kind by clicking on a fake link. The fake link will take you to a company website that looks genuine but is not.

Watch out for emails that:

How to avoid:

Remember: serious companies never ask for personal information by sending an email.

SMISHING is when someone tries to trick you into giving them your private information via a social messenger app or SMS message. It mimics a regular text message and may even be sent from someone you trust. When that happens, their accounts may have been hacked.

The information a smisher is looking for can be anything from online passwords to your social security number, your bank account information, or credit card information.

How to avoid:

VISHING (also called scam calls) is when someone is calling you to your home phone number, to your smartphone or via online services like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Once again, the aim is to get credit card details, birthdates, account sign-ins, or sometimes to harvest phone numbers from your contact lists.

In a vishing attempt, the caller pretends to be from the government, a reputable company or organization, a personal banker, and many other things.

How to avoid (the advice is almost always to hang up the phone):

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