7 Handy Things Every Entrepreneurs Should Do To Simplify Their Life!

Striking the right balance is the key to our fulfilling life. In the rat race of our present-day existence, especially in the long working hour’s ethos of our industry, we forget to maintain a balance. The result is devastating; High levels of stress, trauma and even nervous breakdowns. If a person works too much, sacrificing quality family time, he might reach the top of the corporate ladder, but the achievement and material gain will not commensurate the price he’s forced to pay in the long run. As happier and relaxed people are more productive, more productivity adds to a healthier bottom line, here are 7 handy things every Entrepreneurs should do to simplify their Life — Work:


Decide things, just make it ‘Yes’ or ‘No. Learn to say ‘No’ more if it affects your schedules. You don’t have to be busy all the time. Remember nobody is indispensable. Choose your best time to do the toughest work. Look for tools to improve productivity. Stay home once in a while. Don’t carry the frenetic madness of the workplace home rushing from cinema to restaurant to club. Chill out. Listen to your favorite smooth music, while doing your chores. It relaxes you.


The best relief from the debilitating affects of stress is to ‘take it easy’ at times. Get your second breath and then tackle the problem. It’s the most neglected aspect of existence. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Don’t make grandiose plans: take a walk, go to yoga class, join a gym if you are so inclined, and take a swim. Take up a sport, any sport. Get yourself a pet. There’s nothing to beat the welcome you get from your pet dog/cat when you return home. Eat a well-balanced diet; reduce junk foods and carbonated drinks. Don’t forget adequate rest, meaning ‘Please Sleep.’


Read with your child. There is nothing to beat a fairy tale to bond with your child, as well as improve your voice modulation. Get down on the floor and cuddle your little one. Take a walk to the nearby park with your child and point out the flowers and trees. If you have a teenager, have regular conversations; talk to him or her about the birds and the bees. Go for a movie impulsively with the family. Become a little child yourself. Buy that popcorn, cotton candy or ice cream cone. Nobody is looking. Go on a holiday at least once a year. It doesn’t have to be a long one.


Slow down, that’s a contradiction in terms. At the workplace we want the assignment done yesterday not tomorrow! If only we could bend E = MC 2 to our will! Yet, one mustn’t get pulled in different directions. One step at a time, that’s the key. Sometimes one must let go to see the light, to discover a new way of doing the same thing. Also don’t postpone, when something needs to be done, do it. Never procrastinate. Avoidance uses up more energy than actually doing it.


A clean, orderly home reduces so much unnecessary tension. Everything in the right place makes existence so much simpler. Sit down as a family and assign each other tasks. Dusting your table, cupboards and books can have a calming affect on your nerves. At the workplace, learn to share your burden. Don’t take the entire load on your shoulder. Learn to say ‘ No’ if it affects your schedules. Trust your colleagues and delegate. Don’t do their fishing for them, teach them how to fish.


Use corner space of your office desk to grow an in-door greenish plants like pothos, which have less water maintenance. It not only help purify the air, but will connect you with environment and reduce your stress level. Tending plants and watching them grow reminds us the miracle of life.


Smile and look around you. There is so much to be grateful about. Take time to list things that you are thankful for, it will be a good reminder of how much is going right for you. Remember it could have been worse. It’s your life and as far as we know the only one we have. Plan ahead: short, medium, long term and then work towards them.

Play and Listen closely to the following speech “Everybody’s Free — Sunscreen” by Baz Luhrmann. It will change the perspective of our life:

Everybody’s Free — Sunscreen


— Crafted by the folks at Coworkable.com

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