Unfortunately I Wrote This

In the end everything was troubling

Waking up,


Going to sleep,


Not that this was meant to be some great prose-

An epic poem…

Life, In this time was consequently coming out as this:

Haiku of the mind

First verse poem of the foot

Placid prose of the personality

Third person of the languidly creative,,,

In the end everything was troubling;

He brought up his daughter again,

Waking up is hard;

Going to sleep is hard

Somebody is crazy somebody else interested

Their reaction to each other, In this time was incidentally coming out as this:

Shaking of the hands forgivable, charming

Nodding of the heads endearing-not helpless

Brief conversation still simply brief

Turn and about face overwhelmingly comfortable


Every single word beautifully fleeting

In the end everything was troubling.

Lay your head down it’s time for class

Pick your head up your personality is hungry…