What is the SelfData?

Video only available in french explains how Cozy Cloud is fully involved in MesInfos pilot with MAIF and FING.

Cozy, leading platform of the MesInfos Pilot

How Cozy is the leading platform for the MesInfos pilot

La Fing is a French think tank that aims to create, detect and share novel and actionable ideas to anticipate digital transformations. Driven by this mission, they have launched 4 years ago the MesInfos pilot where companies give their data back to the users.

Cozy was selected to be the program’s first platform. Thanks to Cozy, more than 2500 testers are able to automatically download their insurance and energy data directly into their personal cloud.

Leading French companies such as MAIF, EDF, ENEDIS and Orange are taking part in this pilot. They are able to analyze what users do when they get their data back in a secure en- vironment controlled only by themselves.

Companies can also create great innovative applications based on this new paradigm of data freely flowing in one’s personal cloud and imagine the future of digital services.

Cozy, fully integrated actor of MesInfos project with MAIF and FING

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