OpenMRS Atlas GSoC 2019 — Week 1

Sai Sandeep Mutyala
Jun 2 · 2 min read

The 1st week of GSoC is almost over, and here’s a summary of my progress. Here’s a youtube video demonstrating the newly added functionality. This week’s work mostly deals with this ticket.

Adding Markers

Users can click on the ‘Add new site’ button, under the user dropdown. This drops a marker on the map. Clicking the marker provides us with an edit option, which gives us a little form. Filling up the form, hitting save creates a marker on the Atlas.

Adding new marker

Editing Markers

Markers belonging to the user can always be edited, or deleted.

Clicking one of your markers reveals an edit button, along with the marker details, and a delete button. Clicking it reveals a form, which updates the marker data.

Marker Details
Editing a marker

Deleting Markers

Clicking one of your markers reveals an delete button. Clicking the button prompts the user with a confirm message, and on agreeing, deletes the marker.

Deleting a marker

Locate Me

The current location of the user is identified, and zoomed in, to be located on the map.

Locate Me

Edit My Site Button

Since there may be a lot of markers on the map, it may be difficult to identify markers belonging to the user. To assist with this, the ‘Edit my Site’ button under the user drop-down. If the user has multiple sites, then every next click redirects him to the next site.

Edit My Site