OpenMRS Atlas GSoC 2019 — Week 2

Week 2 of GSoC mostly consisted of documenting the API, and making API changes and additions. One big update is that whether a user is an admin or not is now stored in the session.

Documenting the API

The Atlas API document can be found here. A few API changes were made, like /markerSites was updated to /markers. One notable change would be updating the marker POST update route to use PATCH.

Check whether user is Admin

Whether the user is admin or not is checked at login and added to the session variable. Now that a check is established, work on admin privileges can be started.

Types and Versions

Marker types and openmrs versions’ schemas were defined in the db folder, and API was written to retrieve them.

Burke(my mentor) suggested that I create a ticket for each enhancement made, so all my progress is now recorded in the form of tickets.

ATLAS-134, ATLAS-135, ATLAS-137, ATLAS-140

ATLAS-136, ATLAS-139