OpenMRS Atlas GSoC 2019 — Week 7

Sai Sandeep Mutyala
Jul 13 · 2 min read

An RSS feed was added to Atlas, and a system to allow multiple users to edit markers was created!

Some tickets I worked on, this week are:

  • ATLAS-126: An RSS feed for changes on the Atlas was created and can be accessed using ‘{baselink}/rss’. As part of the ticket, {baselink}/?marker={marker id} can be used to spot individual markers on the Atlas. The RSS feed was created using node-rss.
RSS Feed

Related tickets: ATLAS-187, ATLAS-188

  • ATLAS-166: The ticket aims to allow multiple users to manage a single marker. Creators of markers can add ‘Co-owners’ to edit/update markers for them. A subsequent ticket ATLAS-167 aims to permit transfer of ownership.
  • ATLAS-178: This issue allows uploading of marker images, instead of using a link. The PR is a work in progress. :)
  • ATLAS-168: A PR hasn’t been made on the issue yet, as it depends on ATLAS-166, but the structure of the emailing code (using node-scheduler and node-mailer) is almost ready. :)

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