OpenMRS Atlas GSoC 2019 — Week 8

Sai Sandeep Mutyala
Jul 20 · 2 min read

This week, some important PRs which I opened last week were refined and merged. There are a lot of database related PRs. A few tiny bug fixes were made, and also a PR was made to send mails to owners and co-owners of fading markers, but its still in the making. :)

ATLAS-166: Allow creators to add ‘co-owners’ to markers. Co-owners can edit markers.

ATLAS-178: Support upload of marker image. The PR got merged earlier this week after a few minor bug fixes.

ATLAS-184: Previously, there were several MySQL scripts to create the database. In this PR, all scripts were merged into 3 scripts.

ATLAS-190: The atlas_version column was purged from the database. This was a pretty good decision as I still have little idea as to what the column must be doing. :/

ATLAS-191: Made stg load faster by changing changes I made at some point that made it slower.

ATLAS-168: Notify owners and co-owners of fading markers via email! The PR is mostly done but hasn’t been tested yet. Considering the size of the PR, I think it’ll be a while before the schema is finalized, and PR is brought to shape ,and merged. But I’m really looking forward to it. :)

ATLAS-192: Not a huge bug fix, but I’m pretty happy that I solved this one. :D

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