When one Bitcoin reaches $1,000,000 you should not gloat.

Right now, Bitcoin is already the most valuable currency in the world, 1196 times more valuable than a single Dollar, chances are that the financial revolution unleashing digital currency is looking to increase in price by a thousandfold in the coming decade.

Bitcoin price at time of writing (Source: coinmarketcap.com)

This is ofcourse a great prospect for any Bitcoin holder. However, a rising price of the decentralized currency affects more than just Bitcoiners.

Do not gloat!

When you become a Bitcoiner you must understand that you may not gloat. Even when you told your friends and family about the decentralized digital currency that might save the world, and they didn’t listen.

Remember when you responded to that guy on Facebook who shared that Illuminati post about “The Evil Bankers”? You told him about how there is a choice now, you told him about Bitcoin, about how, if he hates the banks so much, that there exists a choice, a choice he can make. A choice between decentralized digital currency and fiat currency.

A little bit of drool hangs from the lower lip of your “woke AF” Facebook friend, before long, thick threads of slimy drool start forming, hanging off his chin as if they were a stalactite formation. Some of it lands on his shirt, almost covering a picture of “BAZINGA”. He shrugs. “Naw bro I don’t trust Bitcoin”. Which really isn’t all that bad, it leaves more Bitcoin for you to hold! It may not be his fault, your friend is possibly just ignorant. After all, today’s media is a powerful tool to keep your Facebook friend dumb, and most importantly, far away from Bitcoin.

However, for your own safety, you should not gloat when you win. The people you told about Bitcoin may turn on you and assault you. You might be accused of witchcraft and thrown down a well, or worse. The mind of a nocoiner(a person who has no Bitcoin) is a dangerous place.

Don’t be like this guy.

I bring you a piece of advice, because there is something that you must firmly understand and imprint into your brain to survive the coming years, and that is this:

“You can take a noob to water but you cannot make a noob drink”-Jeremy