Transparency is what the Blockchain denotes.
And cracker loves that aspect of the Blockchain.

Here are the recent updates

*50% burn upon launch

*Unsold presale tokens burnt

*Distribution to presale contributors

Lets keep the fire burning guys..
Sincere appreciation to all community members and contributors.

🎉Good day Cracker finance Comminity🎉

There have been allot of hype around the recent distribution of our token after presale...

This is the mechanism we decide to use which is in favour of our investors.

👉We distributed 40% of the token to Pre-salers to avoid dump
👉The remaining % is going…

Guess what😎 the cracker just got yummy🍘
We would love to appreciate the community for being loyal and always yummy.

With feedbacks from the community we decided to make a little touch in updating the Cracker Logo.

With much love we unveil the New cracker Logo.

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Transparency is what makes Cracker stand out.

With the rise to the frequent or subsequent questions about CKF token distribution and for the sake of total transparency to our community members, we would like to give a detailed key fact concerning the CKF and CKFATv2 token distribution.

Without wasting…

Cracker Finance is an originally grown cryptocurrency project which runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Cracker mindset is to make crypto accessible for all, making it easy and low risk start in crypto investing.

What is Binance Chain?

An innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to Binance chain.

Binace Smart Chain…

Cracker Finance 🍘

Crackers🍘 Finance is an originally grown cryptocurrency project running on Binance Smart Chain. website:

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