This week at Craft Academy — week 4 April 2017

Craft Academy Gothenburg is hopping this week — running and attending events for Gothenburg Tech Week and hosting the graduation party for our newly-minted seniors!

We didn’t have too long to miss the seniors this week, as most of them were back at it on Monday — something we love to see. They’re putting the finishing touches on their apartment app this week in preparation for a final presentation. Due to numerous circumstances, their graduation party and final project delivery were pushed a week, so they can wrap up in leisure before we celebrate them on Friday.

The juniors dive into Ruby on Rails this week! In many ways, Week Five is the start of the “real” bootcamp, as we get into the meat of what we are teaching: web development frameworks and building projects that could potentially be real products. This week the students will test legacy code — code someone else wrote, as they work with external libraries and take another stab at group collaboration.

Yesterday, coach Amber and alumna and Craft Academy Labs developer Ebba hosted a workshop for #gbgtechweek, a yearly event in Gothenburg for all things tech and startup. The workshop, What is an App and How do I Build One?, was a smashing success, with more than 20 new coders in attendance. We wrote some code, met some friends and ate some pizzas.

Lot of events happening during GbgTechWeek.

We also went live with our #StopFoodWaste challenge and already got some interesting idea submissions.

Check out the challenge at and become a part of it — with your own idea or by building upon the ones already submitted. In August we will gather some developers at a hackathon and actually build some of the ideas. Stay tuned.

Finally, on Saturday, no fewer than four Craft Academy graduates will participate in #gbgtechweek’s Startup Hack — a hackathon held in downtown Gothenburg focused on creating viable products in 10 hours! The alumni have chosen their teams, all of them had their ideas accepted, and are preparing to code code code this weekend.

So, again, congratulations to our senior graduates! We wish them all the best as they start looking for work, joining open source projects, starting their own companies, and growing their skills. We look forward to guiding them, providing advice and mentorship and creating connections for them in Sweden and elsewhere.

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