Craftmade . First blockchain workshop-marketplace

Craftmade — the first blockchain workshop-marketplace in the world, based on Blockchain technology and designed to unite creative people with those who wish to make the favorite game a high-quality product, as well as the developers who can create content of this kind not only in real but also in digital version.

Why did we choose games at the first stage of development? — Homo sapiens — Homo ludens! A playing human — that is everyone of us. There is a vast market of products and services related to the industry of entertainment today. They are stamped out on the assembly line by large companies. When studying the industry development trends over the past few years, we should take into consideration the increasing number of ideas regarding bringing together the virtual and the real world and their inter-penetration one into the other. The development of streaming services and recognition of e-sports may serve as examples. But today the issue under consideration is how to get a physical part of one’s game for real!

Our main goal is to create a workshop-marketplace with its own ecostructure based on blockchain technology, intended to efface the boundaries between creative people (we call them “craft-maders”) and the buyers. We will give craft-maders an opportunity to create and sell genuine masterpieces made not only by hand, but digitally as well and an opportunity to purchase such items to buyers using the currency in the Craftmade network, named CRAFTT (Craftmade Token). At the same time any person can order exclusive or absolutely unique items from one or another craft-mader — according to their descriptions, drawings, models. Workshop for merch — it is an example when video game fans with mastery of arts make great items for high-profile events such as The International which holds the rank of the tournament with the biggest prize pool in the history of eSports. But 90% of people trying to get into the sales area cannot enter it, because of reasons Valve refuses to disclaim, despite the high approval rate (likes) only 10% of works get to the Secret Shop shelves (it’s the name of the store for Dota 2-based items) or Valve Store, where they sell items based on other products of the company.

So, let’s summarize. What is the current situation? 
High demand and interest of the community is one thing. 
Secondly, there is a considerable number of handmaders who are ready to create and sell quality goods for a fee. 
But, unfortunately, today we do not have a specialized platform for the handmaders — third. As for the major developers who can produce anything from the attributes. Major companies often seek profit, rather than quality, and rarely listen to the opinion of fans. We are not going to deprive them of this earnings, and this is not in our power. But we want our workshop-marketplace to have products that will really appeal to players, whether it’s a quality cosplay costume or a handmade mug with the attributes of the customer’s favorite game. There are many development options, so we want to carefully study them and clearly understand our near perspective.

Digital Content Visualization Tool (DCVT) We are scheduling the development and production of a tool that will allow digital artists to develop in-game items for games, as well as to contact and collaborate with game developers — both independent and already accomplished market participants. What does this cooperation envisage? After studying the experience of Valve, which have the Steam Workshop tool in Steam environment, we realized that independent creators of in-game items excellently showed themselves in creating content for games like Team Fortress 2, CS: GO, Dota 2 and others, but only a small part of them is able to really make money. We want to reverse this situation and give developers and independent digital artists an opportunity of full-fledged cooperation, with further binding of CRAFTT tokens to the games.