Event coordinator Jill Cartwright addresses the crowd.

About 150 students, faculty, and other interested parties gathered on the steps of the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center to participate in the AUC’s “Take Back the Night” Candlelight March on October 27. The purpose of the march was to bring awareness to the issues of sexual assault, domestic abuse and dating abuse, as well as to serve as a means of support for victims of these abuses.

The march was coordinated by Spelman student Jill Cartwright, who is a member of her school’s student government association.

The march began at the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, and concluded on the campus of Spelman College, where guest speakers addressed the crowd, music was played, and refreshments were served.

One of the speakers was Dr. Fran’Cee Brown McClure, who is the Dean of Students at Spelman College. Along with pledging complete support for those affected, she also appealed to those who might one day find themselves in a position to discourage possible sexual abuse. “Be an active and intervening bystander,” she challenged. “Do your part to stop sexual violence. Say something, or do something. Your Morehouse brother or your Spelman sister or your friend would much rather — the day after, the week after, the year after — know that you intervened, rather than to have to sit with knowing that nobody did anything when somebody could have.”