4 Habits for Managing High-Stress Deadlines

Building the Perfect (and Stress-Free) Morning Routine

Cutting Anxiety with an End-of-Day Routine

Prepping Pre-Bedtime

Time-Blocking for Maximum Productivity

  • My exercise routine was more intense in advance of the retreat so that I could use my three days on stage as recovery time.
  • My meal needs were outlined and communicated to staff so that healthy food was available whenever I had a break. Most of this was easy to eat by hand.
  • I completed my own mental walkthrough of the event to be sure that I had all of my health needs covered.
  • We planned a post-retreat recovery so I could quickly get back to 100%.



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Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne

Editor of Early to Rise, author of The Perfect Day Formula. I’m passionate about sharing my success secrets & giving you daily inspiration. http://bit.ly/etrcb