Day Eight

Candice has arrived! She landed at around 5:45 AM local time and we were right there waiting when she walked out. I was so excited to see her!

We pulled a late night last night, so we went to the airport on very little sleep but managed to wake ourselves up with plenty of energy. The excitement factor was in full effect. Candice was exhausted once she arrived, so we knew what to do — head home and sleep it off. Frankly, we needed some sleep, too, so this worked out well. We arrived back at somewhere around 8:00 AM and quickly headed to bed for some much needed hours of sleep. Eventually, we woke up just before noon, got cleaned up, and headed out for the day.

Our first stop was for lunch at the same tapas bar that I visited on my first day. Candice really enjoyed the food and it turns out our eyes were a bit too big for our stomachs.

After lunch, we decided to take a stroll along the river in Oslo. I had a feeling that Candice would really enjoy this and it turns out I was right. We enjoy walking along the river while Anders and Marte took turns explaining some of these scenery to Candice. We took a couple of stops along the way — one for coffee and the other for these delicious chocolate coconut marshmallow balls. I have no idea what they were called, but you hay as well call them ‘heaven’ as they were delicious.

I want to take a moment to tell you something that I cannot leave unmentioned. Around the city, you will find ‘tripping stones’. These markers contain the name of a Jewish person that once lived in Oslo, and are imbedded in the sidewalk directly outside of their former homes. I’ve made sure to stop at each one that I’ve seen to take in the names and try my best to remind myself what these mean. Every stone contains the person’s name, their date of birth, date they were killed, and the concentration camp name. This offers a sobering reminder of how awful humanity can be so that we don’t repeat it.

Our big plan for the day was to visit Hovedøya once more. This is the island that I visited on my first day, and I loved it so much that I wanted Candice to see it, too. We took the ferry over to the island and spent a good hour taking in the scenery. Candice really enjoyed the ancient monastery, the free-roaming sheep, and the hill with the cannons. Here we are on that same hill.

After leaving Hovedøya, we headed towards the Oslo Opera House. This building is magnificent and really stands out along the shoreline. You can actually walk on the roof of this building due to its very modern design. Here is Candice taking a stroll along the roof with Oslo in the background.

After walking along the opera house, we need some food and thought it would be fun to have a bite at the opera house. We took a table outside and enjoyed some fresh fish and beer. The food was fantastic.

The opera house is designed in a way to maximize sound. This is part of the reason that it has such an unconventional design. Here we are on the inside.

After our visit to the opera house, we headed over to a club to see a band play. I can’t remember the name off hand, but it translates to something like Sunday Orchestra. The music was a mix of reggae, soul, and funk — we all loved it. Anders and Marte have been here before and knew that it would be right up our alley.

We ended up leaving halfway through their second set and visited a wine bar to wind down for the evening. We each enjoyed a glass of wine and made our way home via the tram.

All in all, it’s been a great day! I’m really happy that Candice is here and can’t wait to begin our journey to Surnadal tomorrow afternoon.

Interesting fact: many toilets in Norway can flush in two separate ways — one is a larger flush (generally depicted by a large button) that uses more water, while the other uses less (and is depicted by a smaller button). So, if you are ever over here, you’re welcome!

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