Day Ten

Holy [insert expletive here]! Today, we were surrounded by giants.

The day began with a family-style breakfast and conversation. Marte’s mother wanted to get a group picture, so we squeezed in for a breakfast table photo before cleaning up, packing up, and heading out for the day. I plan to get a group picture with all of us before we leave Åndalsnes.

Our day began with a trip to some outlet shops. Candice got a ice pair of Helly Hansen rain boots, while I bought a new hoodie and merino wool shirt. Both should last me a while as they are from well-made Norwegian brands. Marte’s parents treated us to lunch in a building that was once a wool factory for a company called Devold. Devold makes clothing of merino wool, primarily.

After our quick shopping venture, we headed to Ålesund where we climbed a large hill for a great view of the city. The Norwegian Jade cruise ship was also there today.

Once we were done in Ålesund, we were off to another mystery location. I think that Marte, Anders, and Marte’s parents were keeping things a bit of a secret today, and I’m glad they did. Every stop we made was better than the one before.

You know that you’re in an incredibly beautiful country when a picture from the parking lot of a gas station could be on your living room wall…

After a quick stop for refreshments, we were onward to Geirangerfjord. The sight was unbelievable. Coincidentally, there were cherry trees surrounding the location where we stopped.

Enough about the cherries — check out this fjord!

Our next stop was Gudbrandsjuvet viewing platform in Valldal. This was a great spot — we ended up staying here for a good 30–45 minutes. There is a platform that extends over the river in order to view a waterfall. Anders had his drone out and captured some footage of the waterfall up close.

Oh, here is the waterfall.

The next stop was, by far, my favorite: Trollstigen.

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Writing about it now is making my hair stand on end. I don’t think there are words good enough to describe, so I am going to leave a series of pictures to do the hard work for me.

After our visit to Trollstigen, we made our way home with one stop along the way to get this great picture.

Once we were home, we had a meal of grilled sausage and beer. We also had a chance to try a few local beers since Stig (Marte’s dad) bought some for us to try. They were delicious!

Tomorrow, we will be headed to Surnadal — more tomorrow night!

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