Are We There Yet?

It’s been quite a trip on the information superhighway.

The first leg of the trip started off slowly, dialing it up with an awkward sound and a reassuring silence coupled with the anxiety of a weak connection.

Then came DSL and the promise of seeing a picture or a short video download that same day, we then found WIFI and its spotty promise of something marginally better just up the road.

The iPhone emerged and its rabid demand brought us 3G speeds, then 4G and LTE untethered and unleashed mobile computing. Today 5G promises to be the speed lane on the information superhighway making mobile computing more powerful than ever.

We are now cruising!

Mobile devices have made travel extremely efficient and productive. We can engage in activities on the go that are as productive and sometimes even more productive than when we are stationary: writing essays on the subway, taking conference calls from cars, reading recipes while our food is on the way and even learning new languages while traveling to the countries in which they are spoken.

Us grown-ups have invented all kinds of ways to adapt to the constraint of traveling. Aside from being productive we will entertain ourselves by reading books, listening to music, flipping through magazines, singing along to the radio, watching movies and we even have technology like GPS and Google Maps that makes traveling so much easier and relaxing.

But what about the kids?

Kids are notoriously difficult to occupy, especially during travel, and no matter what we grown-ups supply them with to stay occupied, they will still ask that most annoying question over and over and over and over again.


LEGOLAND Florida is a beloved resort destination for kids but the park is nestled deep in the heart of Florida and the drive to the park can be a lengthy one.

Whether you are coming from Atlanta, New York or even Brazil, there is always a mini family road trip ahead to get to that brick laden promised land.

So how are all of those anxious kids going to stay occupied and be productive while their adults attempt to get them to the park without going grey?

VML, Media Monks and The Zoo at Google may have finally found an answer to that annoying question, “Are we there yet?”.

Introducing “The Quest to LEGOLAND.”

A new mobile app for iOS and Android that is truly a GPS adventure built for kids.

Instead of the traditional step-by-step navigation made to assist and reassure adults, this GPS was designed so that kids can see exactly where they are in relation to LEGOLAND, and learn about a ton of stuff along the way. As they travel they unlock themed missions, play car games, answer a ton of trivia questions, and learn about all of the places they pass as they make their way to LEGOLAND.

With 40 total games, thousands of landmarks, and contextual trivia, kids get a unique mobile GPS adventure with every route they take so each trip is truly unique and educational.

Packed with seven different kinds of landmarks baked into the experience, including National Parks, National Historic Places, National Natural Landmarks, water bodies, caves, mountains, and cities, kids remain occupied and truly learn as they play.

It’s an educational adventure for the entire family — immersing them in the journey and the fun of LEGOLAND Florida the moment they get in the car.

And the age-old question of “Are we there yet?” is now turned into “When can we go again?”