Craig Gaskill Announces Expansion of Small Business Support Services at PlayMart Location

Craig Gaskill announced that his PlayMart location will expand its outreach efforts to local pet care and boarding businesses in the area. PlayMart is a local retail pet products retail chain company that has locations throughout L.A. Gaskill spearheaded efforts to sell pet care products and food in bulk to small, local pet boarding and daycare businesses that need them. These partnerships have saved these small businesses money and brought more customers and revenue to PlayMart in the process.

Craig Gaskill wanted to make sure to help more small businesses like these deal with their demand and keep their customers and animals happy. As Operations Manager of a local PlayMart location, he wanted to expand the program he has already helped put in place by reaching out to still more small businesses that need pet food and other supplies regularly to assist their customers. Gaskill is always open to new ways of doing business with local clients, especially other businesses involved in the pet owner community in L.A.

Craig Gaskill has assisted in the development of new policies and operations as the Operations Manager that have benefitted both the store as a whole and its employees, as well as customers and small businesses in the area. He sees his PlayMart location as a fixture of its community and feels that it should be a participant in the support of pet owners in the area. By offering bulk prices for products that dog and other pet boarding businesses use and sell, patrons of these small businesses save money as well. The extra business, even at discount prices, still represents a profit for his PlayMart location and more people have recognized PlayMart as a center for pet lovers and the supplies that everyone’s pet needs.

Craig Gaskill hopes to continue his expansion of his program to bring pet supplies to small businesses and their customers that need them in the future so that PlayMart can continue to grow and spread its influence throughout the Los Angeles area. Gaskill has helped many pet owners and their pets get the supplies and products they need as an Operations Manager, and now he hopes to spread the PlayMart name throughout the L.A. area.

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