Attachment anxiety and self-concept issues seem to be important.

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What a year it’s been in higher education

Classrooms have been pretty empty since the spring, but what have we learned? (© Craig Harper)

Keeping kids in schools, colleges, and universities is both unnecessary and dangerous

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An open platform for summarizing psychology research (last updated January 2021)

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Why Medium?

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Do you support the enforcement of social distancing rules? It probably depends who is breaking them…

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Sparked by one ex-member’s letter, the British Psychological Society has signalled its intention to not give ‘reach’ to ‘upsetting’ views

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The first in a series of reviews about Scott Barry Kaufman’s new book, Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization

Scott Barry Kaufman’s new book is available now.

Our new study confirms issues with ‘addiction’ classification

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The unexpected benefits of blogging

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Craig Harper

Social psychologist and researcher interested in sexuality and political issues. Posts about psychology, science, and education. Twitter: @CraigHarper19

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