Statement by Ben Jealous on President Clinton’s Remarks on Black Lives Matter
Ben Jealous

As there are sonme things right with article but there are some glaring omissions. Education dollars have never been cut in terms of actually dollars, just the rate of increase. Harsher sentencing was championed by so called leaders of the black community, the NAACP included. The “Great Recession” was not created by the removal of Glass-Steagall. It was helped by mortgage backed securities, something that Glass-Steagall could have never prevented and something that Fanny and Freddy were fully apart of because they were the largest originator of loans.

What Jealous does get right though is the record number of people in poverty but that’s happened under Obama and Bush before him. Student default rates have nothing to do with Clinton and Jealous either knows or should know this, it has to do with the fact the economy is horrible, the federal government is just better at hiding poverty through direct payments so we don’t see the lines of people like in the great depression.

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